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Time to ditch the washcloth or synthetic loofah and try a sustainable fiber with gentle natural exfoliating properties! 

These fun soaps aren't only beautiful - they're useful. The wool helps prolong the bars life easily lasting 3 months in the shower, getting you the most use out of each bar of soap. Wool is naturally antibacterial, breathable & odor resistant so need to worry about mold or bacteria harvesting.  Another lovely benefit of the wool is the ability to produce a thick creamy lather. These bars are perfect for children as well as the elderly who may have a challenging time holding onto a slippery bar of soap. Felted soap makes an unusual and thoughtful beautiful gift and is a must have for camping and backpacking. 

To prolong the life of your felted soap, please place out of direct water when not in use. Using a draining soap dish is always best so they have a chance to dry out. 

Felted Soap
960 1600

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