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Retea I Northern Michigan Whole Leaf Tea

Retea I Northern Michigan Whole Leaf Tea

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Assam Black: A single origin handcrafted tea with a smooth black tea flavor.  The tea remains in its full leaf form. 

Cinnamon Orange: Cinnamon bark, orange peel, rose hips and Madagascar cloves make this a perfect combination of sweet + spicy.

Chamomile Lavender: A mellow + soothing herbal tea infusion.  The chamomile flowers are accented with floral European lavender and a hint of cornflowers. 

Winter Chai: A delicious blend of black teas, bay leaf, ginger root, cardamom, and cloves produce an aromatic and spicy tea enjoyed year round.

Green Jasmine: A unique blend of green tea that smells like Jasmine and tastes like Jasmine.  Unlike other green teas, this blend does not go bitter.  Enjoy as is, or with honey.





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