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Yooper Sisters

Yooper Sisters Jam

Yooper Sisters Jam

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Troll Jam-Made specifically with the Lower Michigan in mind, this summer harvest type jam tastes like cotton candy in a jar and plays homage to all the amazing u pick and small fruit farms in Michigan.

Blueberry Strawberry-Summer in a jar is the best way describe this jam, the strawberries add a nice sweetness to the slightly bold blueberry flavor.

Strawberry Lemon Rhubarb-Not your grandma's strawberry rhubarb, with added lemon flavor this jam gives you the classic strawberry rhubarb with an updated taste!

Blackberry Raspberry-Sweet and Tart, the perfect combination of both. Perfect start to any morning, the flavors in this are bold and delicious.

Blueberry Lavender-Wild Michigan Blueberries blended with the perfect amount of organic edible lavender. This Jam tastes like blueberry pie in a jar, the absolute perfect add to any toast or even a spoonful to plain yogurt.

Drunken Peach-Made with Michigan peaches, real cinnamon bark and cinnamon Whisky, this jam is bold in flavor. A must try for peach lovers. Mild enough for morning toast and amazing served warm over peach cobbler.


Handmade in Michigan



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